It’s been awhile! But I’m back after a crazy busy summer with a great review for you!

My friend Kate Motaung (moe-ta-oong) the brains behind Five Minute Friday has launched a new paper journal for the annual October writing challenge: 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes. As you know, I’ve participated for the last couple years and am ramping up for this year!

I got to take a peek at her brand new journal!

Here’s a quick tour!


IMG_2174Isn’t it gorgeous?? Subtle yet the colors are very stirring. I imagine the swirling words that might come out in beautiful sentences and paragraphs.


A spot to put your name and mark down your start date. For some, this is not a big deal. For others, we need a date that shows effort regardless if it might be in fits and starts.


I love the way Kate describes the options you have simply by opening the cover to these blank lines! You don’t have to do it exactly as she describes… you can do it a completely different way. That’s the beauty of it!


THIS is my very favorite part! Susie Finkbeiner commented once to me that writers are full of neuroses. I laughed but it’s so true. I love the way Kate reminds us of the power of writing and simultaneously dissects our fears in this challenge.

“I challenge you to approach the page with a sense of wonder.”   Kate Motaung


And here’s the meat of the book… the prompts. Each prompt begins on the left with 4 pages to fill up. I actually found I didn’t need all four of the pages when I began the first prompt. But I loved the way the smaller lines kept my scribbles in check!


And this is the view from the back! Understated and creatively enticing, don’t you think?

My conclusion:

If you enjoy the tactile feel of the pen and the page, you need to get this gem in time for the October 31 Day challenge. Order here! 

If you have Kate’s previous journal, this new one is a bit smaller than the last with the lines substantially closer – it’s all personal preference and I do like them both.

If you want to join the October 2019 Writing Challenge, you can do that here!!

Also… if you’re a writer wrestling with the issue of platform-building, Kate and her friend Shannon Popkin have written a book called Influence: Building A Platform That Elevates Jesus Not Me.

Now that I’ve dumped all those links on you, here’s my closing thought… every writer has two nemeses: habit and practice. When both are firing, writing is smooth and clean and exciting. (Add bits and pieces of the writing craft, your writing will positively launch into outer space!) But building habits and the diligence of practicing the art of writing? This is the hardest part – and this journal will help you triumph by practicing your habit of writing however often you are able.

If you’re going to join the challenge let me know in the comments!! I love reading other’s work 🙂