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2022 – There is no shoe.

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I don’t know where you land on the Enneagram. (Here’s a great book for beginners. Also, here’s a quiz.) I’m solidly a 6 with a 5 wing. In a nutshell, it means I have a bajillion worst case scenarios in… Continue Reading →

Theological Thursdays – Hope Nazi

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I’m stuck in a badly written dystopian novel.

Theological Thursday – Theodor Seuss Geisel

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Did you know a newspaper published a parody of ‘Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!’ called “Richard M. Nixon, Will You Please Go Now!”? And the president resigned 9 days later.

In the Raw – Pioneer Mamas and Me

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Women have been listening to their minds race in circles after a crazy day far longer than we know.

Theological Thursdays – Raising Cain

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God is still having a conversation with his people – even in their broken condition!

In the Raw: What I know

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If we truly believe God is sovereign… what does that mean in this situation? This moment in history?

Theological Thursdays – Lent… & COVID-19

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It seems today has been hijacked by COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus.

2019 Kids Book Gift List

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Stuck on gifts for the kid readers in your life? Check out my 2019 Kids Book Gift List!

Wednesday Wars, Shakespeare and You

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I was dumbfounded how a middle grade novel could so accurately depict raw grief.

Remember to Remember: my church journey & where I’m going

My dear dedicated readers… I owe you an explanation. My high hopes and plans for getting the posts done last week were thwarted by the prep for Thanksgiving. I kept telling myself that I’d have plenty of time to get it… Continue Reading →

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