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How to un-overwhelm yourself

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I have to say that I am in no way an expert on this. It’s something I’m learning – even now. But what I’ve learned might be helpful as you see the looming schedules of the fall closing in.

Tips, Hacks & Real Life – Go Ahead & Laugh.

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Thank you Holderness Family! Here’s a few of my favorites. Just take a moment. Even if it’s just snark, let it out. Laughter is medicine!

2019 Kids Book Gift List

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Stuck on gifts for the kid readers in your life? Check out my 2019 Kids Book Gift List!

In the Raw: Planners are like Underwear.

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Does keeping track of goals feel like a prison cell? Read on to find out how planners are like underwear. 🙂

In the Raw: A Peek into My Long-Awaited Library

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Mother’s Day weekend 2017 we physically moved in, but January 2019 this house finally feels like our home. The books have their esteemed place on the wall once again. 

Comparing Used Book Websites: What I’ve Learned

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If you like books and don’t like paying a whole lot for them, here are a few thoughts for you.

InCoWriMo 2019 – a journal and a freebie

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InCoWriMo stands for
International Correspondence Writing Month… here’s my journal.

Mean Girls: 3 Tips for You and Your Girl

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Welcome back for the final post of our Mean Girls series! Here’s the first installment if you’d like to catch up. This post will focus on some practical ways to navigate the mean girls in our lives as well as… Continue Reading →

Mean Girls – Part 1

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It started in third grade. Her two “BFFs” from the neighborhood (sisters) demanded that she give back the necklace proclaiming their friendship because they didn’t all end up in the same class together. She was devastated, so hurt that the… Continue Reading →

Creativity Experiment 2018: how it went & what we learned

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I can’t believe it’s done, but summer officially is over. Yesterday, the busses came and all three of my backpack-laden creative people got on and left.  For the first time, I wasn’t ready.  Oh, I had all the school supplies… Continue Reading →

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