I’m not sure when I began to feel your disapproving stares.

It may have been the moment when our youngest pointed out that he was coloring green fire out of his dragons tail which led to the middle child’s thoughts of green gas and then contagious giggling that even I couldn’t help!

It may have been the moment when their daddy hearing a Christmas carol over the speakers began to sing along – adding/substituting his own words. Which, of course, prompted another round of laughter from our little people! “Here we come a-caroling” will never be the same again for any of us!

Or it may have been the moment when our youngest figured out that if he wanted more food that if he picked up the phone by our table he could ask for more and tried but was caught by the long arm of his daddy…

Or when our oldest added her own words to another song (which rhymed very well – no matter the bodily function) and the table erupted in more hilarity…

Honestly, I was surprised to find that I didn’t really care if you decided we were terrible parents for enjoying the moment and laughing – even if the topic was bodily functions. Why the surprise, you might ask? Well, I used to live there in Seriousville. I grew up there. Sitting in a booth with my family of 6 was an excercise of self-control with the goal of not upsetting the one paying our family’s tab.

Your stares gave me a moment of perspective to see just how far God has brought me. Laughter is precious and I’m so thankful our children have a daddy who loves to laugh!

Before you conclude I’m heartless, I did put myself in your family’s proverbial shoes.

What if you just came from a doctor’s office or hospital appointment?

What if you are taking a break between funeral visitation and service?

What if your family is in the throes of being ripped to shreds?

Those are such heart rending things and I’m so very sorry. I pray that if those situations do fit, while not funny at all, that you would be able to find something… anything to laugh about. I personally recommend allaboutfarts.com. It is guaranteed comic relief in an ICU waiting room – speaking from experience. Laughter does have a way of healing – even a family.

So dear family in the booth behind us, please crack a smile! For us or at least as a result of us… it will do you a world of good!

Your next door booth neighbor