As with every reviewer, you need to know something about their tastes. A food critic who prefers Italian food will put Asian food at a distinct disadvantage simply by their tastes. Also a food critic who happens to be a pastry chef will have even more to say about a pie or cake.

So, you should know something about my literary tastes.

If you click on my Books tab, you will discover:

  1. Not many are Christian historical fiction titles – as in only 1 other book.
  2. I much prefer biographies.
  3. Literary fiction is definitely my favorite version of fiction.

Based on that understanding, please read on!

I first heard about Susie Finkbeiner at the Breathe Conference. Several friends told me about her books and how they couldn’t wait for the next one, but I’d never read any of them before this. As my initial response about Christian historical fiction is usually skepticism, I did the smile and nod thing.

Then one day I get an email asking me if I would be interested in getting to read a book and post about it for a Book Launch Team. Um. Would a writer EVER say no to reading a brand-new book from an author your friends have raved about?? Well. To be fair, I might – if I had to swallow down the typical predictable Christian fiction.

So naturally, I had to get the two previous books in the trilogy (which were a fantastic deal on Kindle!) and read them so I could write an informed review. Darn. More reading.

After the first page of the first book, I was completely hooked. This was definitely not the usual. Suffice it to say… you need to read A Cup of Dust and A Trail of Crumbs prior to this book. They set the scene so well for the final installment of Pearl’s story.

A Song of Home takes place in Bliss, Michigan. It’s definitely not the dusty town she left behind in Oklahoma, but even here with the green things growing all around her, she still finds she misses her dusty home.

Themes: The different ideas of home are a gold thread weaving it’s way through the story and at surprising moments you see it peeking out between the sentences. Home is so much more than a place or a group of people or even a building. It can be broken and rebuilt. But home is always best when placed solidly on grace and love.

Recommendations: Many places I found myself gasping and laughing right out loud as Pearl expressed her thoughts. But it wasn’t all hilarity. There are many heavy topics woven here and there. Susie never deals with them tritely or superficially but always with care and a depth of honesty not typically seen in Christian historical fiction.

The highest proof of praise I can give is that I am confidently giving this series to my almost 13 year old daughter to read – and I cannot wait to talk with her about the characters as she reads!

Reservations: none.

You need to get these books!! From the first page of the first book to the last page of the final book, you will find endearing characters and each one showing (not telling) us about our true Home.

Here’s a link to Baker Book House! No affiliate links – just wanting to get the word out to you about a great story and a book you just have to read!

Here’s a link to Amazon for the Kindle version of all three books!