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In the Raw – Finding Home

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I never expected Woodland Mall to feel like coming home.

In the Raw – Pioneer Mamas and Me

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Women have been listening to their minds race in circles after a crazy day far longer than we know.

In the Raw Grief Edition – What no one told me about remembering

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Grief is never a simple journey from point A to point B, but slowly… sometimes very slowly, it does get better.

In the Raw Grief Edition – What no one told me about cleaning out and packing up

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PSA: never use the word condolences. Please. It’s cold and unfeeling.

In the Raw Grief Edition – What no one told me about the process of dying

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Our culture doesn’t like to face the idea of death – it means loss, pain and grief. No one wants to think about it but we will all face it.

In the Raw: What I know

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If we truly believe God is sovereign… what does that mean in this situation? This moment in history?

Theological Thursdays – Coronacation

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Somehow when David’s hurt and lament was spent, he could see Yahweh even in the awful stuff.

In the Raw: Continuing the Fight

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From taps… “all is well, safely rest, God is nigh” to the flag slowly folded and presented… “on behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation” to my veteran father-in-law… I was barely controlling my emotion.

In the Raw: Planners are like Underwear.

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Does keeping track of goals feel like a prison cell? Read on to find out how planners are like underwear. 🙂

In the Raw: A Peek into My Long-Awaited Library

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Mother’s Day weekend 2017 we physically moved in, but January 2019 this house finally feels like our home. The books have their esteemed place on the wall once again. 

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