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Theological Thursdays – Lent… & COVID-19

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It seems today has been hijacked by COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus.

Wednesday Wars, Shakespeare and You

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I was dumbfounded how a middle grade novel could so accurately depict raw grief.

Review: Light from Distant Stars by Shawn Smucker

From the Back Cover: When Cohen Marah steps over his father’s body in the basement embalming room of the family’s funeral home, he has no idea that he is stepping into a labyrinth of memory. Over the next week, Cohen’s… Continue Reading →

In the Raw: Continuing the Fight

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From taps… “all is well, safely rest, God is nigh” to the flag slowly folded and presented… “on behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation” to my veteran father-in-law… I was barely controlling my emotion.

Remember to Remember: my church journey & where I’m going

My dear dedicated readers… I owe you an explanation. My high hopes and plans for getting the posts done last week were thwarted by the prep for Thanksgiving. I kept telling myself that I’d have plenty of time to get it… Continue Reading →

In the Raw: A Life Well-Lived

She sits in a rolling recliner with her eyes half closed.  Four years ago, she used to sit in a chair outside the children’s ministry bathrooms making sure those little boys washed their hands.  I walk up to her and… Continue Reading →

Remember to Remember: 40 Years of Discipleship

I’m continuing to look back where I’ve been in this part 2 of 4 – 40 years of discipleship. Discipleship is quite a mouthful. Depending on who you talk to, it can mean a formal relationship where one person (typically younger)… Continue Reading →

Remember to Remember: where I’ve been

I’m sure you’ve seen people posting their daily “thankful things” on social media. November is about thankfulness but more than that… it’s about being aware of right now and remembering. Steven Curtis Chapman’s single “Remember to Remember” stopped me in… Continue Reading →

Mean Girls: 3 Tips for You and Your Girl

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Welcome back for the final post of our Mean Girls series! Here’s the first installment if you’d like to catch up. This post will focus on some practical ways to navigate the mean girls in our lives as well as… Continue Reading →

Mean Girls – Part 1

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It started in third grade. Her two “BFFs” from the neighborhood (sisters) demanded that she give back the necklace proclaiming their friendship because they didn’t all end up in the same class together. She was devastated, so hurt that the… Continue Reading →

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